Shapeshifter Shield Bonus – Shapeshifter Workout Day #2

June 21, 2011

So I’ve been getting tons of people cashing in on my Shapeshifter bonuses and they are loving them.  You can see all of my bonuses ===> Shapeshifter Bonuses

Well in addition to those, if you buy on the second day of the Shapeshifter Body Redesign Workout launch, Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer and giving away the Shapeshifter Shield program.

Small Shapeshifter Shield Bonus   Shapeshifter Workout Day #2 Here’s a little about the bonus.

Element #1 – Self “Myofascial” Release
It’s sort of like giving yourself a massage  — but not the nice relaxing kind… the kind that digs deep and fixes what ails you! You can use a number of different objects with these self-massage techniques, including a simple tennis ball. But the most common tool is a foam roller.

Element #2 – Flexibility Exercises
If your muscles and connective tissues are tight in certain key areas, you’re an injury waiting to happen. And who ISN’T tight nowadays??? Our busy lives have us chained to our chairs and strapped into cars for most of the day. It’s so bad that the entire population is becoming chair-shaped.

If you don’t integrate flexibility into your training you WILL start to resemble the stuff you’re sitting on. And that is NOT good. The flexibility exercises included in Shapeshifter Shield are designed to counter this daily over-conditioning, restoring you to the natural, vibrant health you knew in your “glory days.”

Element #3 – Mobility Training
This is the one that almost NO ONE is doing! And that’s a shame, because it makes all the difference in your quest for a super-heroic unbreakable body! If you don’t balance your “stretching” with mobility work, you become a walking time bomb… but rather than explode in a blaze of glory, you simply break up.

Mobility is all about rebalancing muscles so you can have CONTROL over your flexibility. It’s the key that rounds out your mission to be “injury-proof.”

Used in combination, these three powerful techniques will be your SHEILD against injury and your catalyst to accelerated body “redesign.”

When you integrate them into the innovative bodyweight workouts, diet tips and lifestyle advice provided in the Shapeshifter Body Redesign system, you’ve got the ticket to building your best body ever.

Shapeshifter system + Shapeshifter Shield <— 51% discount & bonus TODAY only

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