Shapeshifter Body Redesign – 51% OFF

June 23, 2011

Alright, I warned you guys, Shapeshifter Body Redesign discount is going away tonight.  This will be your last chance to pick up the Shapeshifter workout program at 51% OFF.

Don’t be left out of the party! TODAY is your LAST chance to get in on the 51% discount for the Shapeshifter VIP crew…

==> Shapeshifter VIP 51% Discount <— Ends Tonight

Why should you care?

Changing the way your body looks and feels — without ANY equipment– is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Adam and Ryan helped so many clients build bodies that make them feel confident, powerful and attractive when they walk into a room! And they did it with these EXACT same training, nutrition and lifestyle strategies. They’re fully integrated with lessons and Shapeshifter workouts for each and every day. You simply have to pull up the directions and follow along.

They’ve also provided a couple options. If you just want the essentials for the cheapest possible price, we’ve included it all in your main Shapeshifter package. If you’re the type who also wants heated seats and headlight wipers, we’ve got that too in the form of our Superpower Megapack which features done-for-you Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipes, and more.

We’ve done our best to make Shapeshifter body redesign completely accessible for BOTH the “show me the bargain” crowd and the “do everything for me but the sweating” folks. We even managed to answer the questions you haven’t thought of asking yet. We put absolutely everything into this vision, and it shows.

Please don’t give up on your dreams or your goals. We’re here to tell you that they really can come true. It worked for us, and it worked for our clients. You really can recapture your “glory years” WHILE keeping all the things you know now…

==> Now’s The Time — 51% Off Shapeshifter <— Expires at midnight…

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