Who’s Adam Steer of Shapeshifter Body Redesign?

June 13, 2011

So You may be wondering, who is the co creator of the Shapeshifter P6 Body Redesign, Adam Steer?

Well I figured I would let him tell you in his own voice.  This is what Adam Steer had to say. adam steer shapeshifter body redesign Whos Adam Steer of Shapeshifter Body Redesign?

My grandfather sparked my lifelong fascination with health and fitness. He simply wanted to “keep me out of trouble” – instead he shaped the person and the coach that I am today. Sport became the lodestone of my life. I went on to compete in Laser Class sailing at an international level, and to compete in skiing, football and hockey, among a myriad of other sports and recreational activities. Coaching is a natural outgrowth of athletics, and I discovered that I had a talent for it.

My first coaching passion, alpine skiing, granted me the privilege of working with young elite athletes like current Canadian Alpine Ski Team member Frank Bourque, and now allows me to form the minds of other coaches across Canada as a Level 4 Course Conductor for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. With a background in hockey and skiing, I soon rose from an entry-level instructor of inline skating to become the top Examiner in the International Inline Skating Association. I’ve traveled the world in that role, “coaching the coaches” in Canada, the United States, Germany, Holland, Slovenia and Singapore.

Through devoted study and intense personal practice I’ve explored the world of health, fitness and nutrition through a myriad of certifications, books, courses, dvds and seminars. I’m never happy with the rote answer or the status quo. I’m always looking for a better answer, and I’ll always be willing to share what I find.

Adam neglects to tell you that he is the co author and founder of Shapeshifter P6 Body Redesign along with Ryan Murdoch.  As you can see from his body he has figured out the workouts needed to change one’s body.  He had always struggled until he found the secret formula which requires diet, workouts and lifestyle changes.

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