A Honest ShapeShifter Body Redesign Review

Saint or Sinner?  A Down and Dirty Look at the ‘Bodyweight’ Shapeshifter Workout 6 Week Program that Claims to Redesign your Body and get you into the Best Shape of your Life

Hmmm, a six-week program to change your body shape without visiting the gym?  Excuse us if we approach this with a healthy dose of cynicism.  After all, the body building and fitness market is so full of ‘quick fix’ promises that we’re sure you’ll forgive us for thinking that this is perhaps another of these.

So – trying hard to be open-minded, we put ShapeShifter Body Redesign to the test, and here’s what we found:

shapeshifterbodyredesignprogram Shapeshifter Body Redesign Review: A Scam?

What do you get for your money?

Well, the first thing to note is that you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck.  Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, the creators of ShapeShifter, certainly aren’t short changing on quantity.  And interestingly, another thing to immediately notice is that they’re upfront about this not being a ‘magic pill’ for those who expect to change their physique with no work.  So far so good then…

They also talk a great deal of sense and use convincing terminology.  It’s certainly not coming across as a scam product – but of course, we still need more convincing.

So let’s take a look at what’s ‘in the box.’

  • The ShapeShifter Academy Manual.  Here you find out about the so-called P6 approach to redesigning your body.  This includes the training elements, approach to nutrition and probably one of the most overlooked aspects of any fitness program – lifestyle elements.
  • Printable charts and six-week timetable.
  • Pre-program checklist.  Now that’s a nice touch, meaning that you can get prepared and hit the ground running.
  • A printable journal so you can see your progress in black and white.
  • Exercise video library.  This is where Adam and Ryan walk you through each and every level of exercise involved in the ShapeShifter Body Redesign program.  Watch on your computer or use the included app to view on your smart phone.
  • Shapeshifter Workout Exercise manual – to complement the video library.
  • Shapeshifting Nutrition manual.  Now this is a great piece of kit, explaining what can be a complicated subject in a clear and concise manner.
  • Supplement optimizer – a resource to guide you through the maze of how when and why to use supplements.
  • Extra-curricular electives.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking (although I’m sure the guys wouldn’t frown upon a little lovin’ – as it sure burns calories!).  No, what this introduces you to is certain pastimes which enhance both your fitness regime and lifestyle – such as yoga, hiking and meditation.

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    Who is it for?

    As you can probably tell, ShapeShifter is beginning to win us over.  And one of the great things about this program is that it really is aimed at most of the population.  Male or female, young or old, fit or flabby, busy or bored, pear-shaped or tall and skinny, ShapeShifter Body Redesign is a program which adapts to people from all walks of life.  And it’s especially great for those who shy away from using gyms – either due to personal choice or purely down to the cost.

    So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got plenty of time to concentrate on your fitness, or you need to take advantage of every spare minute you can find in the day, ShapeShifter is something which you can find time to do.  To be honest, it’s almost wrong to call it a fitness program – because whilst it improves your fitness and alters your body shape, it’s really a program that changes your whole lifestyle.

    shapeshifter body redesign workout Shapeshifter Body Redesign Review: A Scam?

    Who are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock?

    Adam and Ryan are bodyweight training specialists and bestselling fitness authors.  Between them their career spans over three decades, and every ounce of their knowledge has been used to create the ShapeShifter Body Redesign program.  These are two guys, a self-confessed ex-fat boy and a reformed bean pole, who’ve tried pretty much every fitness fad going over the years.  They survived the 80’s legwarmer fitness craze, struggled through countless regimes that included throwing up in public parks after boot camp sessions and literally travelled the world to find the very best in nutrition, fitness and body shaping.  They now use their extensive expertise to help others gain the same results that they have for themselves.

    The Pros

    • ShapeShifter Body Redesign is based on personal experience – and you can tell.  As soon as you begin watching and reading the program you just know that these guys understand this program inside out.
    • The program is not produced for those who need something to fill their day.  You know, the lucky few who don’t have to work for a living so have time to search around for things to do that make us lesser mortals feel as though we’re inadequate.  ShapeShifter is designed for those who have a life – and so need a nutrition and exercise program that can be fitted in around it – without having to miss out on precious hours of necessary sleep!
    • You don’t need to join a gym – or purchase a whole load of expensive workout equipment to use at home.
    • It’s fun!  There’s no trolling through reams of scientific information as to why you need to eat this and what’s happening inside your body at a cellular level.  Shapeshifter P6 Body Redesign gives enough information so that you understand what you need to do and why, but doesn’t require you to have a PhD in physiology to get what it’s talking about!
    • It’s not just a six-week program – it’s a complete lifestyle change.  This means the results stay with you, forever.  So you’ll never again have to worry about keeping your towel clasped tight around your body at the swimming pool until the second before you jump into the water.60 days moneyback Shapeshifter Body Redesign Review: A Scam?
    • A complete 60 Day Guarantee!

    The Cons

    • It’s not a quick fix.  Sure – you’ll see a dramatic difference in your body shape over the six weeks, but that doesn’t come about without putting in any effort.  So you need to be prepared to put in the work to get results.
    • This is a program for the regular people amongst us.  The people who want to look toned, not carry any extra weight and generally improve their level of fitness.  It’s not for hard-core body builders who are looking to get ripped or drop their body fat down to 5% for competition.  But hey – you knew that anyway, didn’t you.

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      The Bottom Line

      Okay, okay – it’s convinced us.  And, to be totally honest, we didn’t really think it would.  So it’s a great big thumbs up for ShapeShifter Body Redesign – with a couple of exemptions.  It’s not a program for competitive body builders or those who spend half their lives down the gym, although the science behind the program is sound.  No, ShapeShifter is a genuine program for people who want to get fitter, look good, tone up and drop the flab.

      Not only will it improve your body shape, but it’ll improve your general health and make you feel a whole lot better as well.  If you’re looking for a fitness program to fit in with your life, rather than take it over, then ShapeShifter could well be the one for you.

      Shapeshifter Body Redesign Review

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      Unannounced Bonuses…

      There are a couple more bonuses that I can’t mention here because there are many other people out there trying to copy my Shapeshifter Body Redesign bonuses.  So to shut them out, I will be providing you some more “stuff” that will go along perfectly with the Shapeshifter Program.

      How to get these Bonuses…


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      What is the Shapeshifter Body Redesign?

      In a couple weeks, Shapeshifter Body Redesign by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock will be unleashed to the public and you may be wondering what is this Shapeshifter program and what is it all about?  So bear with me for a little bit while I give you a brief overview of the program.
      shapeshifter body redesign workouts 300x101 Shapeshifter Body Redesign – What is That?
      The Shapeshifter Body Redesign program, not just a Shapeshifter workout, is designed to not only help YOU lose weight, but it is focused on getting you to have a body transformation.  Adam and Ryan believe that …

      “Losing (or gaining) weight is pointless — what matters is changing your SHAPE!”

      LOOKING BETTER is really about making small and very strategic changes in your life. Moderately paced fat loss combined with strategically toning or building muscle in exactly the RIGHT places results in a vastly more attractive body than simply losing a lot of “weight” very quickly.

      First of all, muscle is what gives your body it’s shape.

      It’s been scientifically proven that the attractiveness of the human physique is determined by the ratio of one body part to another — and those ratios are universally consistent across cultures and across generations.

      By adding tone (firmness) or size to muscles in just the right places while whittling fat off your body at a healthy rate, you’ll look sexier, more confident and more powerful in a much shorter period of time.

      Now most books only focus on your Shapeshifter workouts or diets…NOT with this program.  Ryan and Adam know that workouts, diet and lifestyle all contribute when making a full body transformation.  They call these the 3 Spheres of body redesign.

      Shapeshifter Body Redesign To The Power of Six

      Each of the 3 sphere are broken into 6 elements, which is called the Power of Six or P6.

      P6 Training P6 Nutrition P6 Lifestyle
      CardioFlow Appetite Normalization Sleep
      Full Spectrum Strength Training Hormone Optimization Active Lifestyle Activitie
      Afterburners Food Choice Spectrum Stress Relief
      Neuroboost Session Strategic Supplementatio Goal Setting
      Shapeshifter Stack Workout Nutritio Personal Developmen
      Shapeshifter Regen Digestive System Health Relationships

      Now I hope that clears up some more for you.  I will be back in a couple of days to talk about the Shapeshifter workouts and give you a full Shapeshifter Body Redesign review.  Sign up to the right to get the latest.

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